We have created 3 Mentorship Programmes designed to educate you

at an affordable price in multiple property investment strategies


  • Lease Options 

  • Rent to Rents

  • Serviced Accommodation

  • House of Multiple Occupancy

  • Below Market Value 

  • Buy to Let

  • and more

Our aim is to elevate both your professional and personal capabilities.


We will enable you to source your own property investments and to also join Hotkey’s exclusive elite affiliate programme allowing you to generate substantial income for property/client referrals.

Why choose Hotkey Invest?

With over 40 years combined property experience in both the UK and overseas markets, our dedication and expertise coupled with our unrivalled network, ensures results.


Hotkey Invest was launched in 2014 and is a family run business with 2 co-founders, Dominic and Kimberley.


Both multiple business owners, investors, entrepreneurs and both were 1st tier key note seminar speakers for Europe’s leading property investment companies between 2002 - 2011 specialising in markets such as the UK, America, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Turkey & Cyprus. 


Our careers have taken us all over the world including Hong Kong, Spain,

America, Singapore and Eastern Europe.

We believe when you take the time to develop a strong Mentorship

relationship, with access to a wealth of knowledge and experience,

you can end up with a lifelong friend and potential future

business partner.


Our 3 Mentorship programmes are:

Hotkey Invest Mentorship.png

*Full terms and & conditionals are available upon request


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